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Established in 1988 by Jaime and Angie Olaes, Angie's Bakery has since become a cherished institution within the Filipino community of Virginia Beach, renowned for its delectable Pandesal. In 2019, upon Jaime's retirement, the bakery was purchased by his brother Eduardo and wife, Lelis and son, Ken, who brought with them a fresh perspective and a commitment to preserving the traditions established by their predecessors. The current owners have honed their skills and imagination to create an even more diverse array of mouth-watering treats, including an expanded menu and a coffee shop offering the famous "Ube Latte" and expertly crafted Hopia. Despite these exciting additions, the original recipes for Pandesal and Ensaymada remain intact, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the same tastes that have been cherished by families for decades.

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